Open Day


The Nystagmus Network’s annual Open Day is the biggest nystagmus event in the UK. It’s the day when we bring together the country’s leading experts, the most inspirational speakers, teaching and medical experts, and everyone affected by nystagmus (adults, children, mums and dads) to share our research news, thoughts, experiences, challenges and triumphs.

This year we will once again be in central Birmingham and we hope that as many of our community as possible will be able to join us. Tickets are free to members of the charity.

We have two fabulous keynote speakers lined up to share their very different experiences of nystagmus (Marsha De Cordova MP and David Katz) alongside presentations from the leading UK nystagmus research specialists.

There will be other VIP guests, presentations from the leading UK nystagmus research teams, lots of fun, interactive activities and workshops on mobility, education, technology and benefits.

Priority booking for members of the charity has now closed. Members who have not yet booked their free tickets will need to contact us to do so.

The remaining tickets are now on general sale. Please click this link to book.