Early Years

Parents and carers need to be prepared to support their child through all stages of their development. It’s never too early to start finding out what help and resources are available.

Primary School

Starting primary school is a big step for any child. For a child with nystagmus, it’s even more important to be well prepared.


Moving from primary to secondary school can mean all sorts of changes for the child with nystagmus. The team supporting the child can change and there are lots more things to consider inside the classroom and beyond.

Secondary school

As the number of subjects and teachers increases and public examinations appear just over the horizon, it’s time to establish support and the child’s preferred way of working.

Low Vision

Low vision is the term used for eyesight that can’t be fully corrected with glasses or contact lenses. When wearing glasses or contact lenses, the child still has a vision impairment.

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This education resource hub is based on information gathered from the experience of parents of children with nystagmus and is designed purely to raise awareness of the support available

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