Fundraising Opportunities

The Nystagmus Network relies entirely on fundraising, donations, membership subscriptions and gifts in wills to continue our work. Whether you’re running a marathon, holding a cake sale, or anything in between, we’ll be here every step of the way to support you to raise as much money and awareness of nystagmus as possible.

Do something amazing for nystagmus

We’re looking for people who want to do something extraordinary. We’ve got lots of opportunities lined up and we’re ready to give you masses of support to follow your dream. So whether it’s a mountain trek to Kilimanjaro you fancy, a London to Paris bike ride or something a bit nearer to home, we’ve got the bucket list adventure for you. Interested? Please get in touch here .

Sky dives for the Nystagmus Network

The charity has joined forces with UK Skydiving Adventures to offer you the chance to jump out of a plane for nystagmus in 21 different locations across the UK. For more information, please get in touch here.

Run for the Nystagmus Network

If you’re planning to take part in any run across the country and would like to run for Nystagmus Network, please let us know. The charity occasionally has free places available in a range of marathons and half marathons provided you can guarantee to cover the cost of your place and raise at least £250 from sponsorship. To book your place today, please get in touch here .

Cycle for Nystagmus

You can take part in a thrilling night time cycling challenge in Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool or London. The Nightrider is billed as #notyourusualnightout. Find out more here.

Calling all golfers

Is it your turn to take on the captaincy of your club this year? Could you nominate the Nystagmus Network as your captain’s charity? That’s just what Mike did. He raised lots of money for the charity, created loads of awareness of the condition and had a fabulous time organising all the events with fellow golfers, friends and family. If you could support us, too, please let us know.

Support from the Nystagmus Network

If you can guarantee that you’ll raise at least £100 through sponsorship, we’ll send you a Nystagmus Network running vest. For event organisers we have T-shirts. Just let us know what size you need. We’ll also send you a supply of wristbands for your sponsors. For smaller events we have flyers, sponsor forms and collecting tins.

Promoting your event

We suggest that our fundraisers set up a Justgiving page. It’s really easy to do. You just need to add your story and photo to the Nystagmus Network details. Then we can publicise your fundraising event across our social media to make sure you reach lots of supporters. Using Justgiving means that the Nystagmus Network can collect an extra 25% in Gift Aid automatically on all eligible donations to boost your total even more.

Sending in the money raised

If you use Justgiving you don’t need to do anything as the money is paid directly to us. If you have cash or a cheque to pay in, please get in touch here and we’ll send you our bank details. Alternatively you can make a one-off donation through CAFDonate, or you can post a cheque to:

Nystagmus Network, 15 Robinia Green, Southampton, SO16 8EQ

Get in touch

If you’d like to hold an event for the Nystagmus Network please get in touch here so we can help you with your fundraising. Your hard work will mean that we can continue to support the nystagmus community, provide information, raise awareness and fund research.

Thank you.