Please set up a Justgiving page to manage your fundraising or sponsorship. It’s quick and easy to do. The funds you raise will transfer directly to the charity and we can collect 25% Gift Aid on all eligible donations. That means the total you raise for nystagmus will be even bigger.

To get started just go to Justgiving here or click the logo below and open an account. You’ll find the Nystagmus Network listed under participating charities.

How do Strava and JustGiving link together?

You can connect your Fundraising Page to Strava and all it takes is three simple steps.

Step one: Create your Strava account.

Step two: Login to your JustGiving account and view the Fundraising Page you want to connect with. Scroll down the Fundraising Page to the big ‘Connect Strava’ button and select.

Step three: Get moving! As soon as you have clicked the ‘Connect Strava’ button and entered your details, you can use your Strava as normal to track your activities and choose which updates to share on your Fundraising Page or social media.