Fiona Ferguson head shot

Introducing Fiona

Fiona Ferguson joined the Nystagmus Network staff team in January 2021.

With 20 years’ work experience as a PA and administrator and wide involvement in volunteering with a number of charities, Fiona joins the charity as an Uptern.

An upternship is similar to an internship, except it’s for more mature people who are looking to move into a new career. The programme is run by Equalize.

Initially, Fiona is gaining knowledge and experience of working with a small charity and exploring new ways to develop our services and reach a wider nystagmus community. On successful completion of her upternship, she will also be looking at income generation to further support the work of the charity.

Fiona’s upternship is funded by a grant from Pears Foundation and is part of Government’s £750m charities package, granted through Pears Foundation’s trusted, long-term Partners to ensure funding gets to frontline organisations and their communities.

The Nystagmus Network is grateful to Pears Foundation for their philanthropic support.

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