Notes from the saddle

This is Sam Jones, the reason the Nystagmus Network was founded over 30 years ago when he was newly diagnosed with nystagmus. Now he’s cycling 500 miles in 8 days for the charity.

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He did it! Sam Jones cycles 500 miles in 8 days to raise funds for the Nystagmus Network, the charity founded by his mother, Vivien in 1984.

Congratulation, Sam

And thank you from all of use.

In a windy Inverness, Sam Jones celebrates his phenomenal achievement, with Mum, Vivien.

Let’s hope those restorative pints and burgers stand you in good stead today, Sam.

And Mum is there to cheer you on!

Sam reflects on his journey so far and looks ahead to his triumphant return to Inverness tomorrow.

Day 7 begins. It’s raining as Sam leaves the north highlands and heads back towards Inverness.

Day 6 was tough – but he made it. Well done, Sam!

Day 6 and Sam’s legs are feeling like lead. Let’s hope he can power through today.

Sam has completed day 5 – 71 miles covered. That pint looks very refreshing.

Day 5: The first rain and Sam’s first solo ride. Navigation will be a little more challenging from now on.

Tim’s view from the support vehicle.

The half way point is reached and Sam takes a moment to reflect before heading off to the very top of Great Britain in the morning. North coast of Scotland – here he comes!

Thank you, Bill

Bill has been cycling alongside Sam, helping him navigate and spotting pot holes. From Wednesday, Sam will be cycling solo.

Tuesday morning, striking off from Ullapool.

Sam takes some refreshment on Monday evening after the 70 mile trek to Ullapool.

Gruinard Bay lunch stop – Monday 7 June

Day 3 – 70 miles to Ullapool

Another day, another ride – with support from Sam’s parents, Vivien and Ian.

Sunday evening and the last leg for today is complete. Sam is saddle sore and in need of a pint. Cheers, Sam!

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Sam still smiling and happy the bike is fixed.

Restarting after a bike repair. Sunday evening.

Day 2, Sunday 6 June. From the top of Bealach Na Ba, 2,000feet – the highest climb of the route.

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A well deserved refreshment stop on Saturday evening.

The first 50k complete – just 750k or so to go! Saturday 5 June.

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Sam and the bike arrive at Inverness airport right on schedule, 8:30pm Friday 4 June.

A road sign indicating a cycle route headed north.

Sam was due to arrive in Inverness at 9pm on Friday 4 June. Tim had chosen the perfect meeting point!

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This month, Sam is taking on the challenge of a lifetime to raise funds in the name of the charity founded by his mother Vivien.

Sam is completing the North Coast 500, which means he will be cycling the 516-mile (830 km) scenic route around the north coast of Scotland, starting and ending at Inverness.

Sam sets off today, Saturday 5 June, and hopes to complete the gruelling feat in 8 days time to celebrate Nystagmus Awareness Day 2021.

We will bring you Sam’s “Notes from the Saddle” as he makes his way along the route.

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