About nystagmus research

The Nystagmus Network has been involved in nystagmus research for many years. Through this involvement we have been able to lead the way in potential treatments for the condition whilst also exploring what actually causes nystagmus.

The Nystagmus Network’s research involvement

The Nystagmus Network has been involved in the research since the charity was established in the 80’s. This involvement is in different ways, for example by funding some research directly or by finding subjects to take part in research projects.

The charity has three main research priorities and these are:

  1. Research into existing treatments and the development of new treatments for all types of nystagmus. This includes research into the prevention of nystagmus and also the search for a possible cure or cures.
  2. Research into the causes and mechanisms of nystagmus. We do not yet fully understand how and why nystagmus develops. Answering these questions should make it easier to develop treatments and possibly prevent or cure nystagmus.
  3. Research into the daily impact of nystagmus. Current methods (such as visual acuity tests) fail to capture the impact of nystagmus on vision or everyday life. We want to see better methods for assessing the vision of people with nystagmus. We also want to better understand how nystagmus affects people in education, employment and social and emotional terms.

The future for research

There is a lot of exciting research work being undertaken in the nystagmus field and the charity will continue to be involved with this to help find suitable treatments for our members.