Sight Loss Sector Charter

As a member of Visionary, the Nystagmus Network is proud to sign up to the Sight Loss Sector Charter

Sight Loss Sector Charter
The purpose of this charter is to help organisations understand how we all
work together and behave towards each other.
Why do we have a charter?
When you join the sight loss sector, as a trustee, volunteer, or staff member you are becoming part of something more than one organisation – you are now part of a community. This charter helps the people who lead and deliver services for people living with, and at risk of, sight loss to understand the ethos our organisations have agreed to adopt when collaborating and communicating with each other.
We believe that for the sight loss sector to be strong and heard, we are more
powerful together, communicating, collaborating and sharing – in a context of trust and respect.
We understand that where people with sight loss can’t access appropriate
information, advice and support when and where they need it, then life chances are negatively impacted. Collectively, we want to ensure that people can access information, advice and support where and when they want and need it.
We believe that a when organisations have a combination of lived and learned experience within staff, volunteers and trustees, it makes for a powerful and brave sight loss sector.
In addition to the values that individual organisations may have, we have values in common that sight loss sector organisations have agreed to:
• Ensure the inclusion of people with lived experience of sight loss in the codesign, co-delivery and co-evaluation of initiatives
• Embrace and welcome diversity, showing commitment to tackle the different challenges that people (and their families) with sight loss face
• Listen to each other and to what people with sight loss are telling us and act accordingly
• Recognise the importance of insight and research in improving eye health
and understanding the lived experience of sight loss; and share our
knowledge and expertise
• Acknowledge each other and recognise each other’s strengths
Working from a value driven mindset, Visionary members and partners have agreed that it is important that we embody the following characteristics and qualities:
• When our organisations work together, we recognise that the important thing is not who delivers but that it is done well for the benefit of people with sight loss
• Commit to collaboration and co-designing with people with sight loss
• Innovate and transform – adapt and change what we do to meet the
changing needs of the people with sight loss
• Call it out – approach problems and challenges constructively and with
• Engage as a collective group – remember that as well as individual
organisational resilience, we need a strong sight loss sector to effect
transformative, positive change, and this is only possible through listening,
mutual respect, and recognition of each other’s value