What is nystagmus?

Nystagmus is a form of visual impairment characterised by uncontrollable eye movements.

Congenital (from birth) and Acquired Nystagmus (late onset)

The Nystagmus Network provides support and information, raises awareness and funds research.        

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With your help we can make a real difference to the 1 in 1,000 people or more who have nystagmus. Watch our video “The way we see it” to understand what it’s like to live with nystagmus.

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Your donation to the Nystagmus Network will help us continue our important work, supporting everyone affected by nystagmus, providing information, raising awareness of the condition and funding much needed research. THANK YOU.

Nystagmus and the Nystagmus Network

Nystagmus is a form of visual impairment, characterised by wobbling or flickering of the eyes, from side to side, up and down or round and round. This affects the ability to focus, judge speed and depth and recognise faces.

The Nystagmus Network is a registered charity in England and Wales. The charity provides advice, support and information to everyone living with nystagmus and their families, an educational advocacy service and benefits advice, training for teaching staff and eye care professionals. There are local and virtual support groups for people living with congenital and acquired nystagmus, an annual open day each autumn and a national and international Nystagmus Awareness Day on 20 June.

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We run an information support line, answer enquiries by email and on social media and offer a range of free to download documents for parents and adults, teachers and clinic staff.

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We hold national and international Nystagmus Awareness Day on 20 June each year and work tirelessly to raise awareness of the condition every single day of the year.

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We work closely with the UK nystagmus research centres of excellence, host an annual UK research workshop and have been funding research into better diagnostics and potential treatments since 1984.

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Your donation will fund research and support for children and adults living with nystagmus


Information and Support

The Nystagmus Network’s first objective is to provide information and support to everyone living with Congenital or Acquired Nystagmus, their families and the people who support them.


The Nystagmus Network’s second objective is to raise awareness and understanding of nystagmus to ensure that people who have the condition have access to all the support services they need.


Our third objective is to foster and fund research into diagnostics, genetics and potential therapies and treatments, in collaboration with our UK research partners, to improve the quality of life and outcomes for everyone living with nystagmus.