Join the biggest nystagmus community and make your voice heard.

“When I joined the Nystagmus Network I discovered literally a world of people just like me. Until that moment I thought I was the only one.”

Isn’t it great, feeling you belong, that you’re part of a wider community, all working towards the same goals?

That’s why the Nystagmus Network is a membership organisation.

The more people we represent, the stronger the charity’s influence and the louder our voice.

Together we can make real difference.

Membership benefits include:

  • Priority booking at events and a FREE place at Open Day
  • Access to our education advocacy service
  • Referral to bespoke advice and guidance on benefits
  • A proportion of your subscription will go directly into research
  • We offer affordable membership to anyone living with nystagmus.


Membership of the Nystagmus Network is by regular giving (Direct Debit). You can cancel your DD at any time if you no longer wish to remain as a member.

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Want to try membership for just one year? You can!

Enjoy the full benefits of being a member of the Nystagmus Network for a whole year from the day you join for £25.

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