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We provide a range of downloadable information and resources including lesson plans for general and specialist teachers supporting a child with nystagmus.

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Nystagmus Awareness Day 2023 – 20 June

The theme for Nystagmus Awareness Day this year is ‘Share your nystagmus story’.

Everyone loves a good story and everyone has a story to tell. We’ve prepared a PowerPoint presentation and a lesson plan on this theme to help teachers inspire children and young people to share their stories and raise awareness of nystagmus.

PowerPoint presentation here

Lesson Plan here

You and your pupils can share your story in words, pictures, audio, video, or absolutely any medium you choose.

As 20 June draws nearer we’ll start sharing all your stories on our website and on our Facebook page.

So get creating your story today!

Share your story with us at [email protected]

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