NUKE is the Nystagmus UK Eye research group. The Nystagmus Network is proud to serve as a member of NUKE, representing the ‘patient voice’.

NUKE members are leading researchers, clinicians, academics and patient support groups, including, of course, the Nystagmus Network.


To better understand the impact and nature of nystagmus to improve the clinical care and wellbeing of people living with this condition.

Mission Statement

NUKE brings together the leading medical and scientific expertise, experience and resources across the UK. Supported by patient groups we work to raise the profile of nystagmus research, enabling it to flourish and attract more funding. By collaborating and sharing data and ideas we aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for people living with nystagmus.

NUKE achievements to date

The Nystagmus Care Pathway

Measurement of visual function in infantile nystagmus: a systematic review