Anne Bjerre

Lecturer in Orthoptics, Hon Clinical Orthoptist

I am lecturer in orthoptics and I also have an honorary clinical orthoptic position at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital where I see a range of paediatric patients with misalignment of the eyes (strabismus), eye movement disorders, ocular diseases (e.g. infantile cataract, albinism, retinal diseases) and nystagmus. 

I have had a keen interest in nystagmus for over 20 years. This interest arose as an orthoptic student where my undergraduate project was on nystagmus and head postures, followed by a Masters project evaluating eye movement recordings of over 200 individuals with nystagmus. At the University of Sheffield, we have been successful in obtaining grants for nystagmus projects and developed the Nystagmus Information Pack and are currently re-evaluating its content and extent of dissemination. Further research has involved eye movement recordings of individuals with acquired and infantile nystagmus and the development of the Oscillopsia simulation app for use within virtual reality.