Screenshot of Justgiving website.

Setting up a Nystagmus Network Justgiving page

Setting up an online fundraising page with Justgiving is so easy. It’s also a brilliant way to let your friends, family and colleagues know what you’re doing and why and get lots of lovely sponsorship. You’ll find the Nystagmus Network listed as a charity and, by linking your page, you’ll have our logo and a bit of information about the charity and Nystagmus already on there.

Click here to set up your page.

From then on just follow these simple steps

Tell your story

Make sure everyone knows why you’re fundraising for the Nystagmus Network and what it means to you, whether you have Nystagmus yourself or you’re supporting someone who does.

Set a fundraising target

Let people know how much you hope to raise by setting a realistic, achievable target. When you’re getting near your original target you can always increase it. Your supporters will want you to smash your total.

Add a photo

Pictures help personalise your page, so add as many as you like.

Keep updated

People will want to know how your preparations are going, so keep them posted on your progress. It really helps to keep them interested.

Share your page

You can share the link to your page on Facebook, Twitter and on your blog, if you have one. We will also share it for you on our social media and feature your event in our Friday Fundraiser spot on our Facebook page.

Sending in your fundraising

Please choose the way that’s easiest for you to send in the money you raise to the charity.

You can pay in your fundraising as a donation through CAF Donate here.

You can post a cheque to our registered charity address, which is:

Nystagmus Network, 15 Robinia Green, Southampton SO16 8EQ

Or you can make a bank transfer, through BACS. Please contact us for our bank details if you prefer to use this method.

Alternatively, by using the online fundraising platform Justgiving, all monies are transferred directly to us along with any Gift Aid on eligible amounts.

Thank you for your support!