How amazing are you?

Share your nystagmus success stories with us

It wouldn’t be Nystagmus Awareness Day without your amazing nystagmus stories. So once again we’re asking you to celebrate your achievements, despite of, or maybe even because of having nystagmus.

Not only do these stories help raise awareness of nystagmus, but they also bring hope to so many parents whose children have just been diagnosed. In previous years we’ve heard some truly amazing stories of success. We want to celebrate your achievements with you and make Nystagmus Awareness Day 2021 even more amazing!

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How amazing is Rory?

Rory is a true Nystagmus Star. Infant school is behind him and he’s getting ready to join the juniors in September.

His reading and writing go from strength to strength with the help of his first sloping board. 

How amazing is Edwin?

Edwin smiles at the camera. He is wearing dark glasses, leather gloves and a bandana.

One of Edwin’s biggest joys is riding his Harley Davidson.

Edwin says: Our challenge is to not accept the limitations others set for us, and strive to be the best we can be!

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How amazing is Wyatt?

Wyatt has always had this positive outlook. He is determined, smart, and gives EVERYTHING his all!

Mum says: I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him! 

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How amazing is Doug?

Doug wears a wet suit and goggles.

Earlier this year Doug completed the Royal Parks Half Marathon for the Nystagmus Network.

Doug says: 13.1 miles. 25,000 steps, a step for every time someone has told me I need to have my glasses checked.

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How amazing is Poppy?

Poppy in dance training outfit stands in a balletic pose beside a banner.

Poppy is an accomplished dancer and horse rider, but she admits she’s a little daunted about starting secondary school in September.

Poppy says: I just want to let others know you can do anything and be anything you want. You are unstoppable.

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How amazing is Tim?

Tim holding an award

Tim has a whole clutch of awards for his work.

He says: I ain’t done bad for a lad that can’t see too well.

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How amazing is Grayson?

Grayson enjoys a rope swing by a lake. He is wearing dark glasses.

Grayson recently started school and found it all a little scary at first. But he soon made lots of friends.

Grayson’s Mum says: I could burst with pride at the obstacles he faces but is never held back.

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How amazing is Katrina

Katrina in her Girl Power T shirt

Katrina did well at school, has worked hard throughout the pandemic and keeps herself fit with clubbercise.

She says: I have had congenital nystagmus all my life and I have never let it hold me back.

Have you done something amazing, something you never thought possible, because you have nystagmus?
Has your child exceeded all your expectations?
If so, we want to hear from you.
Last year we heard about the fantastic swimming and fundraising achievements of Annabelle, Tyler and Poppy. This year we want to hear your stories.
Between now and 20 June, Nystagmus Awareness Day, we’re collecting all those lovely stories of adults and children who’ve achieved great things despite having nystagmus, or maybe even because they do.
We’ll feature all the best stories right here on our blog and on our Facebook page, so everyone can celebrate with us your amazing nystagmus successes.
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