Book a speaker

The Nystagmus Network can deliver talks, lectures, presentations, classroom teaching, seminars, webinars and staff awareness training. We are available for press interview.

The Nystagmus Network can deliver presentations on:

  • nystagmus – an overview of the condition
  • living with congenital nystagmus
  • living with acquired nystagmus
  • bringing up a child with nystagmus
  • supporting a child with nystagmus through school
  • Nystagmus Network – the story of a charity

We have also produced a number of videos about nystagmus. We are happy to grant permission for these to be shown in the context of training.

If you would like to use a Nystagmus Network video for training purposes, or would like to invite a representative from the Nystagmus Network to speak at your event, please contact us.