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The Nystagmus Network can deliver presentations on:

  • nystagmus – an overview of the condition
  • living with congenital nystagmus
  • living with acquired nystagmus
  • bringing up a child with nystagmus
  • supporting a child with nystagmus through school
  • Nystagmus Network – the story of a charity

Thanks to the Nystagmus Network

During our course we had a lecture on nystagmus, a condition most of us had never heard of before.
I started teaching a student who had obvious signs of nystagmus, but who hadn’t been getting help for it. I reached out to the SENCO as well as the parents and got a plan in place. The student is now in a much happier place in school, with teachers who know what she needs. The school have made me the “nystagmus expert”, all because of the lecture in the middle of the course.
I just wanted to say thanks. It’s made a massive difference to this student. – a trainee teacher

Nystagmus Videos

We have also produced a number of videos about nystagmus. We are happy to grant permission for these to be shown in the context of training.

If you would like to use a Nystagmus Network video for training purposes, or would like to invite a representative from the Nystagmus Network to speak at your event, please contact us.