Nystagmus Network supporter, Richard Osman

Richard Osman is a well known UK TV producer and presenter and also, more recently, a best-selling author. Perhaps not so well known is that Richard has congenital nystagmus.

In 2020, Richard was kind enough to read the Nystagmus Network’s charity appeal on BBC Radio 4. The appeal raised almost £9,000 and a lot more people became aware of the condition, too.

Image courtesy of Penguin Books

Listen to Richard Osman talking about the Nystagmus Network here

The Nystagmus Network charity appeal on Radio 4

Thank you to everyone who supported the Nystagmus Network charity appeal on Radio 4.

The appeal was voiced by TV presenter, broadcaster and author, Richard Osman. Richard has nystagmus himself and said it was his ‘absolute pleasure’ to support the charity in this way.

The charity is enormously grateful to Richard for his support and to everyone for their donations.

Almost £9,000 raised

We are delighted to let you know that the total money raised reached very nearly £9,000., which was a phenomenal boost to the work of the charity in such a difficult year fro everyone. The money has helped the charity continue to develop support and information services for the 1 in 1,000 people living with nystagmus.

Donations via the BBC are now closed.

If you’d still like to donate to the appeal, please click here

Listen to Richard talking about nystagmus and the Nystagmus Network in this short audio clip.

For more from Richard, please watch the video “Nystagmus – the way we see it.”

Thank you