Please nominate us to win a £1,000 donation

Please take a moment to nominate the Nystagmus Network for the chance to win a £1,000 donation. That’s enough to pay for a year’s supply of nystagmus information leaflets for families across the UK. The competition is being run by the Benefact Group. Please use the link below to nominate us. Thank you! Nominate Nystagmus … Continue reading Please nominate us to win a £1,000 donation

New low vision study calls for participants

Are you aged between 16 and 25?Have you accessed UK-based eye clinic and low vision services as a child or young adult?If so, a team at the University of Sheffield would like to invite you to take part in a research project.They want to understand the impact of paediatric low vision clinical services from the … Continue reading New low vision study calls for participants

Peter’s nystagmus story

Peter’s nystagmus story comes in the form of a poem. Thank you for sharing, Peter And the boy inside me still cries Something is wrong with my eyes. At birth the angels left a rare mark,  and the boy inside me still cries. My parents searched for whys. Is he blind? Will his world be … Continue reading Peter’s nystagmus story

DVLA consultation opens on fitness to drive

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is responsible for establishing whether a driving licence holder or applicant can meet the appropriate medical standards of fitness to drive. Medical enquiries can range from the consideration of information provided by the driver or applicant to a more detailed investigation which can include information provided by medical … Continue reading DVLA consultation opens on fitness to drive


You can make a difference to the Nystagmus Network by simply selecting us as your favourite charity on Give at Checkout via PayPal. We could win up to £20,000 in match funded donations. Please visit, search for the Nystagmus Network and select us as your favourite. #OneTapBigImpact2023 see website for full Ts and Cs. … Continue reading #OneTapBigImpact

Research participation opportunity in Plymouth

Perceptual Learning for Nystagmus We are delighted to offer people who have nystagmus the opportunity to take part in an exciting new research study at the University of Plymouth, in collaboration with Cardiff University and jointly funded by the Nystagmus Network and Fight for Sight. Who are we looking for? Anyone aged between 18 and … Continue reading Research participation opportunity in Plymouth

Call for research grant applicants

The Nystagmus Network is delighted to announce that we are again partnering with Fight for Sight this year to offer the Small Grant Award Scheme. The grants are available for clinical research addressing visual impairment associated with nystagmus, focusing on quality of life or causes (including genetic), diagnostic testing/analysis or treatments. We are delighted to … Continue reading Call for research grant applicants

Mason’s nystagmus story

For Nystagmus Awareness Day 2023 we invited members of the nystagmus community to share their story to help people in the wider population to understand the condition. Thank you to everyone who shared their story with us. You can read all our nystagmus stories here This is Mason’s story … We first noticed Mason’s eye … Continue reading Mason’s nystagmus story

Gemma’s nystagmus story

To help raise awareness and understanding of nystagmus, we;re sharing all your stories this Nystagmus Awareness Day. You can share your story here This is Gemma’s story … My name is Gemma and I am 38 years old. I have congenital nystagmus. I have 3 children whose vision is perfect so I know I haven’t passed … Continue reading Gemma’s nystagmus story

Claudia’s nystagmus story

Thank you to everyone sharing their stories with us for Nystagmus Awareness Day 2023. You can share your story here This is Claudia’s story … Ours isn’t a complete journey, far from it. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Claudia is 6. Claudia was diagnosed at 9 months old. I’d noticed the flicker in her … Continue reading Claudia’s nystagmus story