Sue presenting at Open Day.

Sue Ricketts

Sue has served in various volunteer roles with the Nystagmus Network since 1991, when her daughter was first diagnosed. She joined the staff team in 2015, following a 25 year career in adult and community learning.

Jenn Flores, headshot

Jenn Flores

Jenn joined the Nystagmus Network staff team in May 2021. Originally from the United States, Jenn has lived in the UK since 2016. She is a fundraising professional, passionate about health and social equity.

  • Role: Development Coordinator (Fundraising)
  • Email:
Sara and her son.

Sara Riggs

Sara joined the staff team of the Nystagmus Network in January 2018 as Information Support Officer after serving for many years as a volunteer with the charity. Her son has congenital nystagmus.

  • Role: Information Support Officer
  • Email: