Vicky’s 1984 Story

My favourite subjects at secondary school in 1984 were hockey, music and maths.

Fast forward 40 years and those subjects still dominate my life. Professionally I’m Finance Director for an AI Consultancy and Treasurer for the Nystagmus Network. In my spare time I play flute for the local orchestra and spending time with my sports-mad family tends to revolve around various sporting events.

I didn’t know about the Nystagmus Network until at least 10 years later, thanks to Google and a curiosity to find out more about the eye condition I was born with that caused my eyes to wobble. All I knew until that point was that I couldn’t drive, would never be a pilot, had to sit at the front of a classroom to have any chance of seeing the board, and every now and then felt a little foolish for not recognising people in the street.

I was a quiet member of the charity for many years, enjoying the monthly newsletter and occasionally taking part in research. It wasn’t until I became a trustee that I first properly met other people with nystagmus, the wobbly eyes are a bit of giveaway when you know.

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