Nystagmus and disability sports classification


The Nystagmus Network often hears of people struggling with the current classifications for vision impairment in sports. Since many people with nystagmus probably don’t classify with the current test we would like to invite members of the nystagmus community to take part in new research which may bring us all one step closer to inclusion in major competition.If you would like to be involved in research into classification with the IPC, please read on …

Jamie Fuller, founder of the Outspan Rebels VI ski team, has been in touch with the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) team involved in the research to adapt the way classification is done or the parameters measured.
Hikmat Subhi is leading a UK team in Cambridge, whilst another team in Canada is focusing particularly on skiing.

To take part, please contact Hikmat directly. Email at hikmat.subhi@pgr.anglia.ac.uk or call 01233 698070.

Important note from the classification research team:

“We do classification research, but are independent from classifiers. So it’s important to say that people who take part receive no advantage in future classification, just as those who don’t take part would not be disadvantaged. This project is separate from what is happening for skiing, so it won’t directly change classification in skiing, though hopefully it will improve the way that the visual field is measured during classification for skiing. “


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