A survey on glaucoma and nystagmus

You can support the University of Cardiff team to develop new diagnostic testing for people with nystagmus by taking their survey today. “The Research Unit for Nystagmus at Cardiff University is looking for people with nystagmus to take part in a survey that aims to further our understanding on the number of people with nystagmus … Continue reading A survey on glaucoma and nystagmus

Congenital nystagmus and reading

At the recent celebration for Professor Irene Gottlob at the University of Leicester, Dr Frank Proudlock spoke about nystagmus and reading. Frank commented that people with congenital nystagmus can read at the same speed as fully sighted people, provided the print is large and clear enough, that the intensity of the nystagmus does not affect … Continue reading Congenital nystagmus and reading

In celebration of Irene

Today Nystagmus Network’s Sue and Sara are travelling to Leicester University to attend a day of celebrations. We shall be marking 20 years of ophthalmology in Leicester and, in particular, the work of Professor Irene Gottlob. The programme for the day, at the Ulverscroft Eye Unit, includes a range of presentations on various eye conditions, … Continue reading In celebration of Irene

Call for applications

The call for the joint Nystagmus Network / Fight for Sight £250k award to undertake a three year nystagmus research project, is now open. Vivien Jones, chair of the Nystagmus Network’s research committee, said: “We are delighted to be joining Fight for Sight in funding a post-doctoral researcher for nystagmus. This means we will be … Continue reading Call for applications

Our biggest ever investment in nystagmus research

Thanks to the generosity of our members, fundraisers and supporters and our longstanding partnership with Fight for Sight, the UK’s leading eye research charity, the Nystagmus Network is delighted to be able to announce our biggest ever funding commitment to nystagmus research. At the Nystagmus Network nystagmus research workshop in September 2018, charity trustees asked … Continue reading Our biggest ever investment in nystagmus research

Nystagmus research conference 2019

The Nystagmus Network will once again be hosting a UK nystagmus research conference in 2019. Following the success of last year’s event, attended by research and clinical teams from the Universities of Cardiff, Sheffield, Plymouth and Southampton and from Moorfields Eye Hospital and Fight for Sight, the charity will be funding a further event with … Continue reading Nystagmus research conference 2019

Research into albinism could be good news for babies born with nystagmus

Dr Helena Lee from the University of Southampton was happy to announce this week the publication of a first paper from the OLIVIA study which shows the potential for L-DOPA treatment to improve the vision in albinism. This means that the sight of newborn babies with ocular albinism could potentially continue to develop and improve … Continue reading Research into albinism could be good news for babies born with nystagmus

Nystagmus Network funding leads to discovery of new algorithm

A paper relating to a research project by members of the Cardiff University team and others, which the Nystagmus Network funded, has been formally published this week. The report describes an algorithm which takes an eye-tracking recording and automatically separates it into its component parts (quick phases, slow phases and foveations*), allowing several measures related … Continue reading Nystagmus Network funding leads to discovery of new algorithm