The abseil is this weekend!

This Sunday morning Claire A, Claire B, Glen, Matt, Richard B, Richard P, Tom, Vanessa, Vicki and Vicky will be scaling down the UK’s tallest piece of public art, the ArcelorMittal Orbit at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to raise money for nystagmus research at Moorfields and University College, London. Our 10 intrepid Team Nystagmus Network … Continue reading The abseil is this weekend!

Nystagmus acquired after a stroke?

Professor Fiona Rowe from the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society at the University of Liverpool is currently seeking patients to take part in an online anonymous questionnaire about eye movement disorders. An expert in post stroke vision, Professor Rowe would like to recruit adult patients with acquired nystagmus to help determine future patient treatment … Continue reading Nystagmus acquired after a stroke?

Does albinism protect against AMD?

We are seeking potential research candidates on behalf of researchers in Southampton (Jay Self and Helena Lee) who must be over the age of 60 and have any form of albinism. Thank you to those who have already responded. We have already found 12 people, but we really need 20 for a viable study. If … Continue reading Does albinism protect against AMD?

Vicky and Claire show amazing support

Vicky and Claire are both trustees of the Nystagmus Network. That’s not all they have in common! On 23 September they will both be scaling down the Olympic Park Orbit alongside their Team Nystagmus Network Abseil team mates. They’re doing it to raise funding for nystagmus research. Every penny they raise will go directly into … Continue reading Vicky and Claire show amazing support

Try VR at Open Day

The Nystagmus Network is currently funding pioneering research at the University of Sheffield which could really help improve the quality of life of people who acquire nystagmus in adulthood. Acquired Nystagmus is usually accompanied by oscillopsia, which means that the subject sees a moving image rather than a stable one. This is a particularly disorientating and … Continue reading Try VR at Open Day

Children can try programming

A research associate at the UCL Interaction Centre is working on a project that seeks to develop an accessible toolkit to enable children with different visual abilities to write basic computer programmes through the manipulation of physical objects. Would your child like to take part in a 2-hour session where, together with a peer of … Continue reading Children can try programming

Researchers study whether albinism could protect against AMD

PRESS RELEASE ISSUED BY UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL SOUTHAMPTON NHS FOUNDATION TRUST 23 August 2018 Researchers in Southampton are in the early stages of a pioneering study which aims to discover if albinism may protect against a leading cause of sight loss. Despite age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affecting a quarter of people over 65 and half of … Continue reading Researchers study whether albinism could protect against AMD