Cause of congenital nystagmus found

On Jeans for Nystagmus Genes Day 2019, the Nystagmus Network is sharing news, published this week, of a recent study, by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, identifying the cause of a particular form of nystagmus.

The type of congenital horizontal nystagmus associated with stationery night blindness has been found to be caused by mutations in the retina, rather than arising from the brain stem, as was originally thought.

Potentially, we may need to rethink the cause of more types of congenital nystagmus and therefore investigation of any potential treatment.

Maarten Kamermans, group leader at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, says: “This discovery means that targeted searches for treatments are now possible.”

The Nystagmus Network will continue to work in close partnership with research teams in the UK and further afield and keep the nystagmus community informed.

You can read the full published article in the Medical Express online, here.

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