#Declutter and Donate postcard.


Are you taking some time during lockdown to declutter your cupboards and shelves? Now you can turn your unwanted items into donations!

The Nystagmus Network is inviting you to join in with national #DeclutterAndDonate as part of the global #GivingTuesdayNow initiative.

It’s a totally safe and fun way to support our work in the nystagmus community. You’ll have some fabulously tidy cupboards at the end, too!

Thanks to Virgin Money Giving and Ziffit you can now donate your unwanted books, games, CDs and DVDs from your home.

The Nystagmus Network receives the full value, with no fees. You can even add Gift Aid if you’re a UK tax payer.

Here’s how:

Download the Ziffit App

Scan your unwanted stuff

Box it up

Print your label

Contact free collection

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