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DVLA consultation opens on fitness to drive

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is responsible for establishing whether a driving licence holder or applicant can meet the appropriate medical standards of fitness to drive. Medical enquiries can range from the consideration of information provided by the driver or applicant to a more detailed investigation which can include information provided by medical professionals, reports or examinations. Consideration of medical cases is necessarily thorough so that the right balance between road safety and the needs of a driver to maintain mobility is maintained.

As the volume and complexity of driving licence applications or renewals continues to increase for applicants who have one or more medical conditions, the government believes that the time is right to review the existing legal framework.

In order for DVLA to take this forward, today Monday 31 July, they have published a call for evidence on driver licensing for people with medical conditions, which can be found here:


The call for evidence sets how and why licensing decisions can be so complex for individuals with medical conditions, the roles of those involved in the process and presents the challenges that demographic and other changes poses to the current process.  It explores how other countries deal with drivers with medical conditions and other situations where medical fitness is assessed. The call for evidence also considers the potential impact that technological advances may have on the future of driving and the way DVLA assesses medical fitness to drive.

The call for evidence runs until Sunday 22 October 2023. Evidence will be gathered from experts across organisations.  Responses to the call for evidence will be analysed to assist with reviewing the existing legislative framework.

You can contribute the the Nystagmus Network’s response to the call for evidence by emailing us at [email protected]

Download a copy of the Nystagmus Network’s digital guide to Nystagmus and Driving here

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