Renewing a driving licence

Here is the latest update from the DVLA regarding driving licence services. As a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ministers at the Department for Transport have agreed to adopt a temporary measure to assist drivers in complying with the driving licence renewal requirements. To make it easier for drivers who need to renew … Continue reading Renewing a driving licence

Nystagmus and driving by Sophie

This guest post is from blogger, Sophie who shares her experience of living, laughing and loving with nystagmus in her blog ‘Nystagmus in a Nut Shell’. Nystagmus and Driving – what’s the real deal? Well, I’ve had experience in this matter, so let me share it with you… Can people with Nystagmus drive? Without a … Continue reading Nystagmus and driving by Sophie

Let’s talk about driving at Open Day

Following the changes, earlier this year, to requirements around nystagmus and driving in the UK, we have asked a medical expert from the DVLA to come along to Open Day 2019 to answer all your questions. Dr Gareth Rees will join us in Cardiff to lead an informal question and answer session, so whether you’re … Continue reading Let’s talk about driving at Open Day