Guest post – questions for Harry’s consultant

Harry and his parents had many, many questions before finally deciding to go ahead with null point surgery. Here are just some of the questions the family asked, with the answers they received from the surgical team:

  • Is this a complicated procedure?

Yes. Operating on eyes in general is complicated, but when 2 eyes are to be operated on at the same time it is a complex procedure.

  • How long does the surgery take?

From going down to the anaesthetist to coming back from recovery takes about 2 and a half hours, between 1 and a half and 2 hours for the actual surgery

  • What are the risks involved?

The null point may not be picked up again by the brain in its new position, meaning we lose the one thing Harry has to control his nystagmus.

Double vision can result from the eye realignment not being exact.  Damage can occur to vision during the operation. Plus there are all the usual risks associated with surgery. In addition the consultant was keen to point out that there is a chance that we go through the surgery and, over time, Harry’s eyes move back to their original position.

  • What is the recovery timescale?

Everyone is different, but expect soreness for the first couple of weeks, which will ease over time. Full and final results of head posture will be known around 2 months post op when all the swelling has settled down and the brain has worked out its best position to see.

Null point surgery is not for everyone. Please seek advice from your ophthalmologist. The Nystagmus Network does not endorse or otherwise any particular medical treatment. We are simply sharing one family’s experience.

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