Researcher, Matthew sits at a desk looking at his laptop.

Matthew’s research on albinism

Matthew is a second year BA Geography student at Northumbria University, Newcastle. He also happens to have oculocutaneous albinism. He is passionate about increasing academic knowledge on the subject of albinism. His research is for a final year undergraduate dissertation project.

Albinism, like many other disabilities, has the potential to have an impact on everyday life. The purpose of Matthew’s study is to enable those with albinism to tell their individual stories and have their voices heard in academic literature.

Matthew aims to show the extent to which albinism impacts people’s everyday lives, including in comparison with other social factors, and explore the measures people take to minimise that impact.

The study takes the form of an online or telephone interview with Matthew. There will be questions about everyday life including work, leisure and socially experienced attitudes. The interview will be 100% anonymous and follows university ethical guidelines.

Participants must be 18+ and have albinism.

To find out more and express an interest in taking part, please contact Matthew by email at [email protected]

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