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Nystagmus researchers need your help

Common misconceptions about nystagmus

A team of nystagmus researchers in the UK have recently shown that there is significant variation in the way people with nystagmus are supported and given information, from diagnosis to treatments and beyond.

They are now interested in studying public perceptions of nystagmus and are developing a similar questionnaire for both people with nystagmus (and their parents/carers) but also the general public.

The study will take the form of an online questionnaire and seek to understand both the public’s assumptions and understanding of what nystagmus is, alongside what people with nystagmus feel is commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Do you have any suggestions for things which the research teams could ask to help highlight common misconceptions or assumptions about nystagmus? If so, please complete the form below. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts on common misconceptions about nystagmus. This study is now closed. We will report on progress as soon as we can.

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