Raising nystagmus awareness in 2019

The Nystagmus Network works tirelessly to raise awareness of nystagmus, not only on Nystagmus Awareness Day but throughout the year.

Why raise awareness?

We firmly believe that the more people who know about nystagmus and understand its effects, the better life will be for the adults and children affected by the condition.

New for 2019

We’ve revised and updated two free to download PowerPoint presentations.

Introducing Nystagmus or Wobbly Eyes

This presentation is aimed at children in school or pre-school and explains how congenital nystagmus affects young children. Click the link to download Introducing Nystagmus or Wobbly Eyes

Introducing Nystagmus

This presentation is designed to be shown on a screen in reception at a workplace, in clinic or in a hospital waiting room and explains both congenital and acquired nystagmus and how these 2 conditions affect children and adults. Click the link to download Introducing Nystagmus