Little Amber – there to help

Nystagmus Network’s Rachel, writes: Here at the Nystagmus Network we’re always looking for new opportunities for our members. Recently our Education Advocate, Frances, came across a charity awarding grants to blind and partially sighted children for music lessons. The Amber Trust offers grants for singing or instrumental lessons, music therapy and concert tickets to children … Continue reading Little Amber – there to help

Guest post: Harry’s back at school!

Over the summer holidays we followed Harry’s progress as he underwent the Anderson Kestenbaum procedure to address the head turn associated with his nullpoint. Today we hear from Harry’s Dad, Ian, how Harry is getting on, 4 weeks after his operation. Ian writes: “Harry’s eyes are now nothing but a slight irritation and, apart from … Continue reading Guest post: Harry’s back at school!

QAC information days for professionals

Two ‘Information Days for Professionals’ events at Queen Alexandra College (QAC) may be of interest to Connexions and Careers Advisors, DEA’s, Work Coaches, Employment Advisors and Social Workers, Teachers and Learning Support Assistants, SENCOs, Sensory Support Teams, Local Education Authority Employees. These FREE events provide the opportunity to meet staff and students and discover more about Queen Alexandra College. The dates … Continue reading QAC information days for professionals

Children’s health: why vision matters

When an infant is diagnosed with nystagmus, it’s very important to ensure that the child continues to have regular sight tests and check ups to make sure that other problems with the vision are identified and treated. That’s the message coming loud and clear from a recent report by the UK Vision Strategy team. As … Continue reading Children’s health: why vision matters

Do you flush your contact lenses down the loo?

With so much talk at the moment about plastic pollution, here’s one small way in which the vision impaired community can help. We can stop flushing our used contact lenses down the loo! In a BBC article this week, Environment Correspondent, Matt McGrath, explains how discarded disposable contact lenses can end up as plastic waste … Continue reading Do you flush your contact lenses down the loo?

Seeing Beyond The Eyes

The Nystagmus Network is pleased to share this guest post from our friends at Visualise Training and Consultancy. The new guide ‘Seeing Beyond The Eyes’ includes details of the charity’s services and our contact details so that patients with nystagmus can find us easily for information and support. Eye care and Health Professionals armed with … Continue reading Seeing Beyond The Eyes

Visual impairment and mental health

Children aged between 8 and 11 years old who live with a visual impairment are three times more likely to develop a mental health problem than children with no visual impairment, according to new research. The Nystagmus Network has been aware of this for a long time and always highlights the social and emotional aspects … Continue reading Visual impairment and mental health