Nystagmus research news update from Dr Helen Griffiths at Sheffield University

Helen and her team are working on a virtual reality solution for the problematic sympton of oscillopsia in Acquired Nystagmus.
Helen writes:
“Many thanks to you all at Nystagmus Network and to your partners Fight for Sight for your support, allowing us to continue the VR project work. We have started and have been able to develop a method for the camera within the headset to record eye movements and convert this signal into the visual scene presented in VR. We are pleased with this progress so far.
I hope we can be successful in providing a method for some relief for AN.
We hope to have ethics approval for the device trial in the next 2 to 4 weeks and so I’ll be in touch about recruiting suitable trial participants.”
Nystagmus Network will post details of opportunities to take part in this and all other nystagmus research trials here.