In celebration of Irene

Today Nystagmus Network’s Sue and Sara are travelling to Leicester University to attend a day of celebrations. We shall be marking 20 years of ophthalmology in Leicester and, in particular, the work of Professor Irene Gottlob.

The programme for the day, at the Ulverscroft Eye Unit, includes a range of presentations on various eye conditions, including, of course, nystagmus.

Dr Helena Lee, University Hospital Southampton, will speak on her trials using oral Levodopa to rescue retinal morphology and visual function in a murine model of human albinism.

Dr Mervin Thomas, University of Leicester, will present on the development and clinical utility of a diagnostic nystagmus gene panel using targeted next-generation sequencing.

Sohaib Rufai, Clinical Fellow at University of Leicester, will explore whether handheld OCT can predict future vision in infantile nystagmus.

Leah Haywood, University of Leicester, will discuss facial recognition in infantile nystagmus.

Dr Frank Proudlock, University of Leicester, will talk on reading in infantile nystagmus.

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