In celebration of Irene

Today Nystagmus Network’s Sue and Sara are travelling to Leicester University to attend a day of celebrations. We shall be marking 20 years of ophthalmology in Leicester and, in particular, the work of Professor Irene Gottlob. The programme for the day, at the Ulverscroft Eye Unit, includes a range of presentations on various eye conditions, … Continue reading In celebration of Irene

Nystagmus research conference 2019

The Nystagmus Network will once again be hosting a UK nystagmus research conference in 2019. Following the success of last year’s event, attended by research and clinical teams from the Universities of Cardiff, Sheffield, Plymouth and Southampton and from Moorfields Eye Hospital and Fight for Sight, the charity will be funding a further event with … Continue reading Nystagmus research conference 2019

More rejections than Harry Potter?

  A report by John Sanders who, at different times, has been a Nystagmus Network trustee, as well as an employee and continues to be a member of the charity. The other day I went to a talk entitled “My wobbles through the world of nystagmus” by Southampton based ophthalmologist, Helena Lee. This was part … Continue reading More rejections than Harry Potter?