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Please nominate us to win a £1,000 donation

Please take a moment to nominate the Nystagmus Network for the chance to win a £1,000 donation. That’s enough to pay for a year’s supply of nystagmus information leaflets for families across the UK.

The competition is being run by the Benefact Group.

Please use the link below to nominate us. Thank you!

Nominate Nystagmus Network here

12 days of giving £120,000, 120 charities £1,000

Please nominate us to win a £1,000 donation

For 12 days this Christmas, as part of Ecclesiastical’s movement for good , the company will be making £120,000 in donations to charities to help them deliver their vital work. Please nominate the Nystagmus Network for a chance to help us win £1,000! With that amount of money we could supply a lot of hospital clinics with nystagmus information leaflets for their patients.

Please nominate the Nystagmus Network here. Thank you.