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Could you help shape the direction of eye research in the UK?

Eye Research Priority Survey

Your input is needed into a new survey designed to refresh the James Lind Alliance Sight Loss and Vision research priorities* that were first published in 2013.

Despite on-going eye research taking place across the world, there are still many questions about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sight loss and eye conditions that remain unanswered. Funding for research is limited, so it is important for research funders to understand the unanswered questions of greatest importance to patients, relatives, carers and eye health professionals so that future research can be targeted accordingly. Knowledge from having experienced your own eye health care, or the eye health care of others, is of great value to researchers. The survey feedback will inform the final “Top 10” updated priorities across different eye subspecialties.

The Nystagmus Network is keen to see Paediatric Ophthalmology and Neuro ophthalmology prioritised.

The survey can be accessed via the QR code below, using a Smartphone or other device which connects to the internet:

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