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Training eye care professionals

High street optical staff need to understand the complexities of nystagmus, how to test the sight and how to dispense any corrective glasses or contact lenses.

Due to the cancellation of so many routine eye clinic appointments during the current pandemic and the signing off of non-urgent cases, such as patients diagnosed with nystagmus, local opticians are now seeing increasing numbers of these patients in their practices.

Following the success of 3 webinars the charity organised and hosted in May 2020, attended by a total of over 900 dispensing opticians and optometrists, the Nystagmus Network is planning to host a further 2 webinars on nystagmus for eye-care professionals.

But we need funding to do this.

That’s why we’re fundraising with The Good Exchange. Please visit our campaign page and share it with your networks.


See our campaign page here.