Marie Turnbull

Join us at the Manchester meet up

The next meeting of our north west regional Nystagmus Network support group is on Saturday, 25 April from 1 to 3pm in central Manchester

Adults with nystagmus, parents of children with nystagmus and anyone supporting someone with nystagmus are all welcome to come along.

The meeting is hosted by Nystagmus Network trustee, Marie Turnbull (pictured).

The focus of the meeting this time will be nystagmus research. There will be a short, pre-recorded film by Associate Professor and Consultant Ophthalmologist, Jay Self from Southampton University Hospital. 

Jay will answer any research questions group members have about nystagmus, cure, treatment, testing, etc. You can email your questions in advance.

If you would like to join this regional group, come along to meetings and take part in the Q+A with Jay, please contact us today.

Thank you

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