A Nystagmus Network scented candle held in someone's hands. The candle is not lit.

Special edition scented candle raises funds for the Nystagmus Network

This lovely scented candle is specially created for the Nystagmus Network by Oli at No. 14 The Wick to celebrate Nystagmus Awareness Day 2021. The scent is Bergamot and Sage using a blend of essential and fragrance oils. 

The oils have been chosen for the following aromatherapy attributes.

BERGAMOT – Uplifting and refreshing. Reduces stress and anxiety

SAGE – Stimulating and soothing. Helps clarify the mind and promotes attentiveness

Oli says: “I wanted to play on the meaning of ‘sage’ too. As in, ‘someone who is wise and has attained this wisdom through experience’. I felt this embodied the charity and all that is stands for in sharing it’s knowledge, advice and support to its members. 

“Clarity is something that the charity provided for me when our children were first diagnosed with nystagmus and the support provided certainly helped us through some difficult or challenging times.

“Most of all I wanted to capture a fragrance that was uplifting and positive which is something we always feel when we meet our Nystagmus Network family. Knowing we are not alone and that there is advice or support from a ‘wise sage’  if needed.”

Love and light, Oli x

Product Details:

220g soy wax candle

Approx. 40 hour burn-time

Matt White glass container

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