Head shot of Nikita Thomas

Congratulations, Nikita

On World Sight Day 2020, the Nystagmus Network is delighted to celebrate the achievement of Nikita Thomas who has been named an Eye Health Hero by the IAPB (the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness).

Nikita, who works in nystagmus research at the University of Cardiff, was nominated by the Nystagmus Network and has achieved her award in the ‘Innovators’ category.

Innovators embrace new ideas and create new possibilities and outcomes. They challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of knowledge to develop new approaches, systems or appropriate technologies in eye health.

Cited for her innovative developmental work in the field of perimetry, Nikita says: “I have a deep-rooted passion for creating solutions that promote equality of access to standard optometric and ophthalmic clinical practices across different patient groups. This has involved transforming the commonly used method of visual field testing into a method that allows for accurate examination of the visual field in patients with voluntary and involuntary unstable fixation, such as nystagmus. I love that my role offers the freedom and flexibility to fully explore my own concepts and ideas, as well as the potential to make a worldwide impact on established clinical procedures.”

The Nystagmus Network added: “Always engaging, professional and knowledgeable, Nikita Thomas is a very popular research delegate at the annual Nystagmus Network Open Day and a poised and eloquent presenter when delivering presentations to members of our patient group.”

Her academic supervisors at The School of Optometry and vision Sciences at Cardiff University said: “Nikita’s work promises to have a significant impact on both the delivery of clinical eyecare and our understanding of the development of the human visual system.”

Congratulations, Nikita!

Read Nikita’s full IAPB citation here