Nystagmus Network trustees stand together and smile at the camera.

Could you be a Nystagmus Network trustee?

Trustees play an essential role in the running of the Nystagmus Network. Whilst it is not a role to be taken on lightly and may be demanding of time and skills, especially within a small organisation like ours, it can be rewarding for many reasons. Meet our trustees here.

The charity’s trustees share ultimate responsibility for making sure the charity is fulfilling its charitable objectives, and that all decisions put the needs of the nystagmus community first.

Becoming a trustee is a great opportunity to make a contribution. As a trustee you can guide the direction of the charity’s growth and have the opportunity to make a significant impact on an issue of value to you personally. It undoubtedly also offers professional development and the opportunity to work within a diverse team in support of the same cause.

If you would like to become a trustee of the Nystagmus Network and have skills in

  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer Management/Networking
  • Corporate Law
  • Clinical Practice
  • IT and Web Design

please email [email protected]