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Nystagmus in Down Syndrome – a Retrospective Notes Review

Nystagmus has been reported in up to 30% of people with Down Syndrome (DS), and yet is still not well understood. This study, by a team at Moorfields Eye Hospital, aims to characterise the clinical features of patients with DS and nystagmus. It is recently published in the British and Irish Orthoptic Journal (BIOJ).

The article sheds light on the different types of nystagmus which can be present in someone who has DS and, in particular, that these can arise from a variety of causes, not always linked directly with DS.

Full clinical assessment of the nystagmus is needed in order to inform support and management of the sight.

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A nystagmus care pathway

The notes below are taken from an article recently published in the British and Irish Othoptic Journal, BIOJ.

Arguments for the Adoption of a Nystagmus Care Pathway

Authors: Christopher M Harris, Julie Owen, John Sanders

In the UK, there are six specialist nystagmus centres with eye tracking facilities, but nystagmus is not a rare condition.

With at least 1 in 1,000 babies being born with congenital nystagmus and many more children and adults acquiring nystagmus beyond early infancy there is clearly a need for greater capacity.

Not all new cases of nystagmus are thoroughly investigated, according to previous anecdotal evidence from people contacting Nystagmus Network.

Patients with nystagmus are usually referred to their local eye clinic for further investigations. There is, however, no standard flow-chart or accepted strategy for investigation.

This is where the plan for a Nystagmus Care Pathway comes in.

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