Jaina smiles at the camera.

Thank you, Jaina

Jaina joined the Nystagmus Network team in August 2020 as an intern, spending some time to gain experience of working in a small charity. Jaina was hugely helpful in the run up to virtual Open Day 2020 and you may have ‘met’ her in our forums.

Jaina says: “A huge thank you for this opportunity, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about nystagmus and helping the team with the big open day and other events. I have definitely learnt a lot of transferable skills.

“My family donates money for an eye camp in India, where we visited a little village many travelled miles to for free eye care. This was really inspiring and made me more appreciative of healthcare in the UK.”

This year has been a difficult year for us all, but Giving makes us feel Good! #GiveBack2020 is your chance to take something positive from 2020 and make a difference at the same time!

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