A postcard to advertise virtual Open Day on 3 October, showing a selection of images of the highlights to come.

Booking now for Open Day 2020

The Nystagmus Network has a huge variety of presentations lined up for you at virtual Open Day 2020 on Saturday 3 October.

Enjoy inspirational presentations, research updates and find all the support and information you need, all from the comfort of wherever you are.

Everyone welcome!

Due to social distancing rules still in place, we have decided to go digital! This means that you can attend Open Day 2020 from absolutely anywhere, hear all the latest nystagmus news, get inspired and soak up all the support and information you need, in comfort and safety, wherever you are.

We can promise a stellar list of speakers and presenters, and some fun activities, too, brought to you on screen.

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Presentations include:

For everyone

  • keynote speaker Joanne Roughton-Arnold, opera singer, founder of FormidAbility, soprano voice of Rising Phoenix and Nystagmus Network member
  • research updates by key nystagmus researchers from across the UK (The School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University; The Ulverscroft Eye Unit, University of Leicester; Moorfields Eye Hospital, London; Royal Eye Infirmary, Plymouth; Academic Unit of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics, University of Sheffield; University of Southampton and Southampton General Hospital
  • Special Education Needs support for children with nystagmus: an update on the legal position in schools in England and in Wales
  • an interview and readings with Claire Entwistle, author of ‘What seems to be the trouble?’
  • building resilience in young people with visual impairment, a session with a QTVI
  • getting the best from an appointment with a high street optician – an optician and a dispensing optometrist explain
  • DLA, PIP and nystagmus, guidance from the Nystagmus Network volunteer benefits adviser
  • student finances and support services for young people with nystagmus heading to university
  • exhibition of assistive technology

For parents

There will be a virtual parents’ forum. 

For adults

There will be a virtual adults’ forum for people living with acquired or congenital nystagmus. 

For children and young people

We’re planning some fun activities which will help our younger delegates make new ‘virtual’ friends as well as an exciting new account on Instagram.

Your virtual Open Day online quiz

Round off your day by taking part in the online quiz. Sign up to take part here.

Exclusively for members of the Nystagmus Network

The following elements of Open Day are open to members of the charity only. If you would like to enjoy full member benefits and privileges, please join us today. Annual subscription is £25.

Phone appointments

Members of the Nystagmus Network will have the opportunity to book timed telephone appointments with a benefits adviser or an education advocate throughout the day. Places will be limited. 

The annual general meeting

Members will also be invited to the charity’s AGM.

Night in with the Nystagmus Network

The day will close with A Night in with the Nystagmus Network, a virtual supper party for members and invited VIP guests. Members registering for this event will receive a set menu to cook at home, purchase as a ready meal or order in, a Nystagmus Network cocktail recipe (alcohol free version included), entry to the Nystagmus Network virtual treasure hunt and a zoom link with joining instructions. Diners will be entertained by our guest speaker, nystagmus hero, Mike Larcombe, who joins us all the way from Australia, following the successful completion of his Walk for Wiggly Eyes. You can watch the highlights of the walk here.

Booking opened for members on 20 August 2020 

Meanwhile …

Watch the highlights of OPEN DAY 2019 here.

Book here for Open Day 2020

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