Want to run a virtual marathon for the Nystagmus Network? You can! Here’s how.

It’s still possible to run a marathon this year. You’ve been keeping fit during lockdown. Your training continued on your daily time outside. All the big runs are cancelled, but … you can still run – on a virtual track with Strava. Your run, how, where and when you want it – you can even … Continue reading Want to run a virtual marathon for the Nystagmus Network? You can! Here’s how.

Sue’s 2.6 challenge – complete!

Sue has finished her 2.6 challenge ahead of schedule. She has knitted 2.6 special edition Nystagmus Network mascots in less than 26 days! Each mascot wears running kit to signify that the 2.6 challenge was intended to replace this year’s London Marathon, cancelled due to the pandemic. So far, Sue has raised £315 in sponsorship … Continue reading Sue’s 2.6 challenge – complete!

Sue’s Two Point Six Challenge

Sunday 26 April 2020 was to have been the date of the London Marathon with runners raising £millions for UK charities. The Nystagmus Network’s runner, Adam, is still training to run in the postponed race in October. Meanwhile, the organisers have launched The Two Point Six Challenge to help save the UK’s charities by giving … Continue reading Sue’s Two Point Six Challenge

Please support Adam

Please sponsor Adam. He’s standing by to run the postponed London Marathon for the Nystagmus Network, as soon as restrictions are lifted.Adam is running the London Marathon this year, for his daughter, Florence and for all of us. Adam says: “I am honoured to be running the 2020 London Marathon on behalf of the Nystagmus … Continue reading Please support Adam