Charlie and his fellow team mmebers wearing their Nystagmus Network sports tops.

Charlie’s Nystagmus Network football team

Charlie loves football. He also loves his team. When they were short of money to pay for the under 7s new kit, Charlie had the brilliant idea of asking the local bank. Banks have lots of money, don’t they?

Charlie’s letter arrived on Luke’s desk and then Luke also had a brilliant idea. He decided he would raise the £300 the team needed and let Charlie nominate his favourite charity as the team sponsors.

Luke says: “I love football myself and this letter really spoke to me. I wanted to help. So I decided to compete and raise the money to help this cause.”

Choosing a charity was the easy bit! Charlie has nystagmus and his whole family supports the Nystagmus Network. They completed the Welly Walk last June.

Luke completed a triathlon in April, raised £300 and Charlie and his team got their smart new sports tops, complete with the Nystagmus Network logo. Well done, Charlie and Luke!

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Want to run a virtual marathon for the Nystagmus Network? You can! Here’s how.

It’s still possible to run a marathon this year. You’ve been keeping fit during lockdown. Your training continued on your daily time outside. All the big runs are cancelled, but … you can still run – on a virtual track with Strava.

Your run, how, where and when you want it – you can even take your time!

Want to run the virtual Great North Run for the Nystagmus Network?

You can! Here’s how:

Virtual Great North Run

Want to run the Edinburgh Festival Virtual Marathon Challenge for the Nystagmus Network?

You can! Here’s how:

Edinburgh Festival Virtual Marathon Challenge

Want to run the virtual 40th London Marathon for the Nystagmus Network?

You can! Here’s how:

London Marathon

Want to run the Brighton Marathon 2020 for the Nystagmus Network?

You can! Find out how, here:

Brighton Marathon 2020

Want to raise some sponsorship for the Nystagmus Network?

You can with Justgiving.

Set up your Justgiving page here

Sponsors sought for Open Day 2018

The biggest nystagmus event of the year takes place on Saturday, 29 September in Birmingham. This is our annual Open Day, where 200 nystagmus families get together to talk about research, education, support, assistive technology, mobility, education and general day to day living with a visual impairment. The Nystagmus Network is seeking sponsorship from commercial organisations. If you’re interested and would like to find out more, please contact us today.

Priority booking for free tickets to charity members opens at 12:00 on Thursday, 28 June, with any remaining tickets going on general sale from 26 July.