Walk with us!

There’s still time to register to join Team Nystagmus Network to walk Eye to Eye at 11am on Sunday 10th March. You can choose to walk the 4 or 14 mile route. Team Nystagmus Network sets off at 11am. Who’s on the team? Join Ella and Sam, Andy and Heidi, Andrew, Orla, Nikki and Tremaine, … Continue reading Walk with us!

Matt is joining the abseil

Matthew Dawson will be abseiling down the UK’s allest piece of public art on 23 September to raise much needed funding for nystagmus research at Moorfields and UCL. He is joining Team Nystagmus Network Abseil at the suggestion of his wife and for his young son, Owen, who has nystagmus. Apparently, some of Matt’s sponsors … Continue reading Matt is joining the abseil

Vicky and Claire show amazing support

Vicky and Claire are both trustees of the Nystagmus Network. That’s not all they have in common! On 23 September they will both be scaling down the Olympic Park Orbit alongside their Team Nystagmus Network Abseil team mates. They’re doing it to raise funding for nystagmus research. Every penny they raise will go directly into … Continue reading Vicky and Claire show amazing support

Children can try programming

A research associate at the UCL Interaction Centre is working on a project that seeks to develop an accessible toolkit to enable children with different visual abilities to write basic computer programmes through the manipulation of physical objects. Would your child like to take part in a 2-hour session where, together with a peer of … Continue reading Children can try programming

New research project on visual crowding in CIN

A new research project is being undertaken at Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London. The aim of the study is to understand better the visual abilities of people with congenital nystagmus, with a particular focus on visual crowding, a phenomenon which occurs when an object that is visible in isolation becomes impossible to recognise … Continue reading New research project on visual crowding in CIN