Our biggest ever investment in nystagmus research

Thanks to the generosity of our members, fundraisers and supporters and our longstanding partnership with Fight for Sight, the UK’s leading eye research charity, the Nystagmus Network is delighted to be able to announce our biggest ever funding commitment to nystagmus research. At the Nystagmus Network nystagmus research workshop in September 2018, charity trustees asked … Continue reading Our biggest ever investment in nystagmus research

A new RNIB guide to outdoor play

The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) has recently released a new guide, Messy and Muddy, which explores outdoor play for children living with sight loss. The new guide offers advice for encouraging a child with vision impairment to get ‘messy and muddy’ and how to support natural development in a safe, accessible and … Continue reading A new RNIB guide to outdoor play

Celebrating our loved ones

When a loved one dies, family and friends left behind need the chance to say goodbye, honour their memory and look for meaning in the death by remembering their achievements and celebrating their life. The Nystagmus Network is grateful to those thoughtful families who turn to the charity at these sad times to raise an … Continue reading Celebrating our loved ones

Nystagmus research conference 2019

The Nystagmus Network will once again be hosting a UK nystagmus research conference in 2019. Following the success of last year’s event, attended by research and clinical teams from the Universities of Cardiff, Sheffield, Plymouth and Southampton and from Moorfields Eye Hospital and Fight for Sight, the charity will be funding a further event with … Continue reading Nystagmus research conference 2019

Research into albinism could be good news for babies born with nystagmus

Dr Helena Lee from the University of Southampton was happy to announce this week the publication of a first paper from the OLIVIA study which shows the potential for L-DOPA treatment to improve the vision in albinism. This means that the sight of newborn babies with ocular albinism could potentially continue to develop and improve … Continue reading Research into albinism could be good news for babies born with nystagmus

Introducing Neill

Neill Mison is an IT consultant who has recently rediscovered his love of and talent for painting and drawing. Neill now styles himself as ‘the visually impaired artist’ and is enjoying some considerable acclaim for his impressionist style. The subtle colouring and fine detail of his paintings is particularly surprising since Neill has ocular albinism … Continue reading Introducing Neill

Information Day for professionals at QAC

The next ‘Information Day for Professionals’ event at Queen Alexandra College (QAC) is on Tuesday 9th April, 10am – 3pm. QAC is a national college for people with disabilities located in Birmingham and these events provide the opportunity to meet our staff and students plus discover more about QAC including our 16-25 provision, College enterprises, employment … Continue reading Information Day for professionals at QAC

April deals on our Ultrachallenges

Push Yourself Further – 10 great events in 2019 Are you a regular walker and new to endurance events? Perhaps a seasoned trekker looking for testing adventures? Or even a marathon runner wanting to ‘up’ your distance? Whether it’s along magnificent coastal scenery, or in stunning open countryside, there’s an Ultra Challenge for you. Walk, Jog or … Continue reading April deals on our Ultrachallenges