Nystagmus Awareness Day 2018

The Nystagmus Network is delighted to post some exciting news. In 2018 we are declaring 20 June the new permanent date for Nystagmus Awareness Day.

Since 2013, we have celebrated Wobbly Wednesday in November, but in 2018 it will be in the summer and 18 to 24 June will be a Wobbly Week.

In future years 20 June will not always fall on a Wednesday of course, but for those with a love of alliteration, there will always be the opportunity to celebrate a Wobbly Wednesday within the Wobbly Week containing 20 June.

To mark this change and encourage as much participation as possible, we will be raising awareness of nystagmus under the banner ‘we need to talk about nystagmus’ and encouraging everyone to make the most of the time of year by getting outside to raise awareness and fundraise, with the theme ‘nystagmus in the open’.

Please watch our blog and social media posts for further news.

Broadway swimming club joins #nystagmusbigswim

We’re celebrating today the huge achievements of Lucie Wood and her family in support of Wobbly Wednesday 2017 (national and international Nystagmus Awareness Day) and the #nystagmusbigswim.
Lucie’s daughter has nystagmus. She, her sister and their 2 cousins decided to take part in the #nystagmusbigswim. When they asked their swimming club, Broadway ASC in Oldham, if they could ‘borrow’ a lane, the committee decided to get the whole club involved. Thanks to Lucie and her family the club raised £500 for nystagmus research and all those families now know about nystagmus.
The picture shows Lucie’s Mum, Pat, receiving the cheque, on behalf of the Nystagmus Network, from Danny Wood, committee member at Broadway ASC .
HUGE THANKS to Lucie, her family and Broadway ASC.