Friday Fundraisers on Facebook

Every Friday on our Facebook page we celebrate the achievements of the week’s top fundraiser, feature the story of one of our upcoming fundraisers or signpost you to fabulous and fun fundraising opportunities. So please join us every Friday on Facebook and help us say a huge thank you to all our wonderful fundraisers. Our … Continue reading Friday Fundraisers on Facebook

It’s Tuesday – that’s Nystagmus Networking day on Facebook!

We call our charity the Nystagmus Network, because it’s very important to us to help people affected by nystagmus to get together for mutual support. There is no better feeling than meeting someone else who has nystagmus themselves or has a child with nystagmus. To help members of the nystagmus community get together, this year … Continue reading It’s Tuesday – that’s Nystagmus Networking day on Facebook!

Monday Focus on Facebook

Every Monday over on our Facebook page we focus on a particular nystagmus-related topic to get the week started with a great conversation. Topics we have covered so far have included null point surgery, driving and nystagmus, talking to you child about nystagmus and whether or not to have cataracts removed when you have nystagmus. Anyone … Continue reading Monday Focus on Facebook